Calvin Klein!
February 13, 2017
Winter in Namaqualand
February 13, 2017

We decided, for the first time, to use protein supplements to help us in maintaining lean muscle & strength. GNC South Africa approached us and we like the taste of their supplements, and the great ingredients. It’s our first time using supplements, so we’ll give honest feedback over the next few months.

GNC gave us their Whey Protein, the Rapid Drive BCAA5000, the Metabolic Elite, and MultiVitamin to try.

Being busy on the farm, and doing shoots, we often don’t have the time to cook all our meals for the day. Having a protein shake at certain points during the day saves us time and is convenient when we can’t cook a full meal. By no means is it a substitute for a good eating plan, and we still cook our main meals each day.

For us, a healthy lifestyle is about maintaining good strength & muscle and also eating balanced meals – we want to keep lean muscle and stay healthy the natural way.   Having a GNC protein shake, for example, is quicker to make, and consume, than cooking a full meal, in the afternoon when we are driving a tractor or in the middle of a TV shoot.

In the end, we definitely recommend a good diet plan, because supplements will only help when your day gets really hectic.  You still need to be disciplined and eat meals that support your health and keep you fit and strong.  Our goal is not to bulk up and gain more size, we are now focused on staying lean and maintaining good muscle definition. At the gym we also focus more on cardio and training with lower weights (doing higher reps).

We feel that the GNC supplements will help us to stay fit (fuelled) and maintain lean muscle. This is the lifestyle we enjoy, and it’s not about bodybuilding or gaining extra size, but keeping your meals and food intake balanced.

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