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February 7, 2017
Cape Town
February 13, 2017

How do you stay motivated? That is one of the most asked questions we get (followed by questions about training & eating plans).  Let’s first tackle the second most asked queries…

We don’t feel entirely confident yet to share full gym programmes & eating plans, because we’ve only been doing this for the last year. We are still learning a lot and making changes all the time – taking advice from websites, from friends who train, from other fitness athletes/models and testing things out.   We will definitely share some of our tips in the near future, but only when we feel ready to do so!

Now, to stay motivated… is certainly a challenge.   Just finding enough energy in the day, is tough.   But you need to start with a plan, and a reason for doing something. If you want to tone your body and lose weight (or build muscle, etc.), decide WHY you are keen to do this.

If we focus on motivation to gym on a daily basis and eating healthier, here’s our 5-point check list for reasons to stay motivated…

  1. Appearance: We can’t deny that someone’s appearance says a lot about that person. A healthier (and happier) person definitely looks more attractive – and it has nothing to do with trying to look like a cover model! You feel more confident, because you look great!
  2. Health: Without a doubt, the inside of your body should be as great as the outside. You can’t just look good but not feel good! When you feel healthy you’re also able to help others with their health by sharing what you’ve done and your experience.
  3. Results: When you start training and eating better meals, you see a difference. The results motivate us to keep going!
  4. The Feeling: The body releases endorphins when you exercise, you feel great, you feel happy… very often we have bad days on the farm, feeling exhausted and not in the mood to train. We go anyway, by the time we finish the gym session we feel really great again. Yes, you need the rest too, but training (and lots of stretching) definitely helps you to release the blocked energy from stress and feel better again!
  5. Strength: The more you train and the better you eat, not only helps you to look and feel good, but you increase your body’s strength as well – mentally and physically!

– See more at: http://k2twins.com/how-do-we-stay-motivated/#sthash.BpnsHwoc.dpuf