GNC Supplements
February 13, 2017

It’s the middle of winter in South Africa, and I’m currently helping my dad, and grandad, on our other family farm near the town of Bitterfontein. There isn’t a lot happening here, and all that you can see is a vast stretch of land, flat ground with grass, and cattle, and sheep. But it’s a peaceful place to be and gives you a chance to recharge the batteries and enjoy the clean, unspoilt nature.   It was a little dry until now, but the winter rains have started falling which helps for the grass to grow so the sheep can eat and stay nourished.   To make sure they are in good health, we help them with extra food and milk, especially for the little ones who need special care.   We give the herd of sheep lucerne hay as extra source of food. I will be working on this farm until we have to leave for the city again, or, until the grass starts growing in the field from the rains, and the animals can eat by themselves and have enough food.   It’s a very quiet, relaxed atmosphere out here, and nights are quiet, no city lights, so you see the stars very brightly (if there aren’t clouds in the sky). However, we do want the rain at the moment, so clouds are a good sign of more rain coming to nurture the dry land. In a week or so we’ll be heading back to the big city of Johannesburg for more recordings of our TV show which starts on 2 July on local TV channel, KykNet. I will post more pics and updates on our Facebook page soon. Have a blessed week & weekend ahead!